Goal Setting

Goal setting is pretty much a part of our culture.  We all fundamentally understand the concept of “set a goal, work to achieve it”.  I think though, that we often get goal setting wrong.  And I’m not talking about ‘save $1000′ or ‘lose 5kg’, I’m talking about those, “One day I’ll climb everest”  or “One day I’ll ride across […]

Starting Simply

Chatbots hold almost unlimited possibility, and yet the reality is that it takes time to get the complexity put in place in a way that adds value instead of frustrates customers. Instead, the first step might be to consider this highly advanced tool nothing more than an old fashioned PABX system, and think of the […]

Visitors in the night

So the “It’s not a race”  Hunt Bikes Snowy 1000 has been passing near Bright, and it’s been a great opportunity to perform some trail magic.  Last night Gareth came to stay, and I got to sit up until the wee hours learning about these Ultra Races from a dude who is arguably a bad-ass ultra […]

Information & Weight

When I was a recovering-cubicle worker I got into SUL/UL hiking in a bit of a way.  Mostly it was because 10 years of office work and gluttony meant that the easiest way to go hiking when you have zero fitness and too much on-body-stored cheese was with a day pack for a 5 day […]