I believe technology is a tool businesses can use to get their purpose and products to their customers, with great satisfaction.

Business automation tools deployed poorly cause more frustrations than they solve, and become a fortress for the staff to hide behind, and yet, automation tools deployed well create loyal, raving fans while freeing staff to do real work, instead of busy, admin work.

To build good business automation, you don’t need to be a programming god, you just need to be able to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and work back from there.

I want to empower small business to adopt technology, so that they can free up their staff to have a meaningful impact on their customers and audience.

The purpose of this blog is to show you the top level ‘why’ strategies of good automation, and from there, lead you to business success.



Hi, I’m Christie Hamilton. I work to make small business better at adopting technology to serve their customers.

For almost 10 years I’ve lead digital agencies, being responsible for implementing digital marketing strategies as technology has shifted.  Now, I work as a high level strategist, helping Australian and American small businesses line up their long term plans with strategies and tactics on the ground.

The reality is that the tools and software has evolved, but the fundamental messages stay the same, and with the right digital strategy, implementation can often be handled in-house.

In the time that I’ve been working in Small Business Automation, I’ve spoken on stage to over 10,000 people in Australia & the US on strategy, MC’d high ticket workshops on planning, run training courses on specific software adoption, been the CEO of one of the largest small business automation agencies in Asia Pacific, and won awards for growth and international eCommerce marketing.  My team and I have worked with over 750 small businesses on implementing automation.

I am absolutely passionate about small business success, because I believe it’s most often the small ideas that have the potential for the biggest positive impact in our community.  I also know that it’s often those same business owners that are just as focused in their private lives with philanthropic efforts, and giving them business success opens the door for their other projects.

When I’m not working on business strategy, I’m a keen adventurer. I’ve raced a bicycle 5,500k’s solo across Australia, explored the Himalayas on foot and mountain bike, and sailed the Pacific.  I’m currently fanatical about Paragliding, and am based in the Victorian High Country.