Visitors in the night

So the “It’s not a race”  Hunt Bikes Snowy 1000 has been passing near Bright, and it’s been a great opportunity to perform some trail magic.  Last night Gareth came to stay, and I got to sit up until the wee hours learning about these Ultra Races from a dude who is arguably a bad-ass ultra racer.

Things he’s told me I’ll try to take on board (writing them down to remember them!):

1. It takes 3-4 days to find your touring legs and then you’ll be on some sort of autopilot.

2. It’s going to hurt. (I feel like I already knew that). But the pain just becomes part of it.

3. Thinking in terms of hours on the bike instead of k’s is a good plan of attack.

4. Do more k’s between now and March.  Whatever I’m riding, do more.

5. Dynamo is a very good idea.  The SP Thru axles have issues, consider a Sun. (the 12mm SP’s thru axels are fine though).

6. TT bars! Get them on the bike now and practice-practice-practice as much as I can! (Good, I was wondering if I’d ride with them).

7. Even if I haven’t done 400k days routinely, riding 300ks will be somewhat a given, given there is not much else to do.  If you just do the hours the k’s will come. But, go do some Audaxes between now and then!

8. Having said that, if I’m not doing 800k’s before I sleep for the first time, chances are I’ll be waaaaaaay off the back! (I think I’m ok with that).

9. Don’t be intimidated by the terrain in the later part of the course.  You’ll just ride whatever passes underneath you, just do the hours on the bike and ride what comes.  You might expect the flat to be easy and the hills to be hard, but the fact is you can have great days on the climbs and shitty days on the flat, so just take it as it comes.

10. Don’t underestimate the heat and dehydration.

I think that’s about it.