Information & Weight

When I was a recovering-cubicle worker I got into SUL/UL hiking in a bit of a way.  Mostly it was because 10 years of office work and gluttony meant that the easiest way to go hiking when you have zero fitness and too much on-body-stored cheese was with a day pack for a 5 day trip, instead of a 70L pack.  It was awesome to hike the Great Ocean Walk with a daypack and make the traditional hikers weep with their burden.

One concept I hope to bring across into the IndyPac is that Information is lighter than Weight.  For example, if I know how to make a shelter for the worst kind of weather from a simple tarp, then I don’t need to carry a big heavy tent.  If I know the distances between services and my worst-case times then I don’t need to carry redundant food and water. If I know the minimum overnight temp for the Nullarbor for that time of year and how to sleep warm below that temp, then I can avoid carrying too much warm gear.

I’m not talking about cutting it fine and taking risks, I’m talking about being correctly planned instead of over planned.

So, what are all the objects in my luggage I can replace with Information.  And how to package up that information so it’s just as accessible to me as my snack bag.