All about Christie


I’m an otherwise normal IT professional prone to shenanigans who in 2017 embarked on an extraordinary self-supported cycling race across our massive continent. In a field a 71, with no experience, no racing pedigree and what many people called no chance, I became one of just 16 people to finish.

As well as riding bicycles across continents, I believe adventures are what you make them.  You don’t need the first to summit Everest on a unicycle to be worthwhile, building a raft from rummaging at the tip and spending 3 days on a local river is just as worthy an endevour.

When I’m not off on a crazy jaunt you’ll find me in Bright, Victoria, Australia.  I’ll be riding any number of bikes (I’m a shop ambassador for All Terrain Cycles here), swimming in our beautiful water ways, or concocting the next trip. I’m passionate about gear, and well known for calculating the mAh of my running electronics, or the internal rim diameter vs weight vs rolling resistance of my wheels, so feel free to ask me the hard hitting questions.  I’m also mechanical enough to rebuild a 4-stroke or re-true a damaged wheel 900k’s from the nearest bike shop.

I’m available to speak, and have a particular interest in Adventure, Sustainability and Women in the outdoors events.

I’d love to hear your stories too, so always feel free to get in touch!